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Entrepreneurial Lifestyle: What makes an entrepreneur feel confident? She or He, does it matter?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

As entrepreneurs, we must transform our ideas into fully operational businesses. And what can make this possible? If you are thinking about launching your idea, you might never wonder if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur you do it or not. But once you are there you start asking questions.

What makes an entrepreneur feel confident?

Confident Entrepreneur How to acquire confidence
What makes an entrepreneur feel confident? ----canva picture personalized--

Let's take this dictionary definition as the confidence we are talking about here:

The quality of an entrepreneur of being certain of his/her abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future

Let's briefly focus on the quality of being certain of your abilities and how, based on my personal story, I saw them involved with our Psychology (Social Psychology) mindset, Story (energy or karma), and Personality.

Psychology (Social Psychology)

Successful people like Tony Robbins teach that 80% of a leader's success is our psychology, I see psychology as our mindset directly and sometimes disproportionately affected by our energy (karma or aura), which means our inner conditioning. And the other 20% is what we do on the outside. Yes, one important part of this outside equation is about our Social Psychology.

Social psychology is about how individuals think, feel, and act in social situations which I dare to say is directly related to our 80%, it means, with our story (energy or karma) and personality as well, everything is interconnected.

Confidence and teamwork

When I was attending the Faculty of Engineering, I met a special guy who became my friend. I said special because he was amazingly smart, his IQ was of a super-talented human.

His appearance wasn’t important to him, he didn’t shave often. He wore the same jacket or clothes all the time to avoid wasting time choosing what to wear, the same but not the same, his jackets were all equal, his shirts were the same color, same style, you know, to save time. Sometimes I do something similar as well, buying two pairs of the same shoe model, just because I love that model. Another example is when I visit a restaurant with a menu longer than a book, I don’t waste time looking at it, I just ask the waiter; what is your menu best seller? However, some factors or variables throughout the path impulse you to make changes, and suddenly is important how you look and feel, not only physically but emotionally. Is this impulse related to confidence?

My friend´s IQ was so high that he couldn’t socialize or communicate with others, he wasn’t able to understand why the rest of us were not able to learn and apply knowledge as he did. Then he was isolated most of the time, one day I decided to ask him for help, I needed to learn faster to finish university in less time (years) than could be possible due to complicated situations at home. Then I dared to think: if he can do it I can as well.

It wasn’t an easy mission. The first time I asked him a question, his gaze was of total incredulity, I could read in his eyes; are you sure you want me to teach you this? I don’t want to waste my time!

But I was amazed about his ability to mentally make the basic mathematical operations with more than 8 numbers of 6 digits or more like sums, subtracts, and multiplications so accurately quickly. I know what you are thinking, and yes, the calculator was already invented but I wanted to know how he did it. Fortunately for me, this was the first question I asked him. His method was easy, so I was fascinated to learn it and he was surprised I did it on the first try. This was a lucky learning that made me gain his trust.

He was so confident, not a single drop of doubt in any of his words or actions, even the teachers felt themselves under his standards, confidence was implicit in himself. However, isolated from other qualities, confidence or a high IQ are not tickets to success, because even though my friend was a super-gifted human, was complicated for him to work with a team. He got very good jobs positions at a very young age as a leader, but he was unable to do teamwork as he ended up doing the whole work, in this case, specialized operational computer systems, which I should mention he was able to make accurately and fast (a piece of cake for him) but super abstracted programming that nobody could be able to decode if an upgrade was needed.

Was he confident because he had the power of knowledge because he was smarter? He was confident because he believed and was certain (aware) of his abilities which made him get outstanding outcomes, that made him resourceful.

In my experience I will share that I feel confident about learning and developing new abilities being an autodidact, and what gives me that confidence? I firmly believe that everything is possible, I believe that any ability can be acquired or developed. In silver color, the uniforms of my previous business had this tagline in the back: “Everybody is a champion, just need to be trained.” As a reminder to keep me focused anytime I looked at somebody´s back. Yes, if you haven’t any doubt, a belief can make you feel confident.

“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and, in my art, or music, then in that respect, you can call me that... I believe in what I do, and I'll say it.” John Lennon

Personal Qualities and Beliefs

So, what of your qualities or beliefs can make you feel confident? are you aware of them?

Based on the knowledge I recently acquired I dare to say that my friend’s personality was over 90% consciousness, which is more task-oriented than people-oriented as in my case, I can understand now why he preferred to fly solo. But maybe his story (energy or karma) hides something that makes it more complicated for people or him to work together.

Was his high IQ, his psychology, or social psychology an obstacle for him? Social psychology is for me but working on it. Is it for you?

Maybe your mindset resulting from your story (energy or karma) hides something that keeps you stuck!

The Internal Game

Therefore, success in whatever we are creating in our lives is 80% an internal game. Internal mindset, our energy (karma or aura as you prefer to label it), our identity, but how do we recalibrate all this untouchable stuff to embody them within? Or at least starting to be aware of it?

Awareness is the first step, yes, to being aware of it, which is not easy. I started to ask myself these questions when I was in my twenties, and I recently found awareness. In my case awareness allows mindfulness. Being aware of your abilities makes you confident.

Besides, it seems that there’s no single personality profile to achieve success (talking about DISC) any individual with any personality can become a successful and confident entrepreneur, for some, it will be easier or faster due to their personality characteristics, psychology, or story than others.

Confidence: She or He, does it matter?

Remember, confidence is a key part of entrepreneurship, it enables entrepreneurs to make challenging decisions and see them through to the end. If outcomes turn out to be less than favorable, the decision to take corrective action (like pivot) is just as important. You know that you must conquer the world and you are not ready to give up no matter what happens. Then can it be different for a male or a female entrepreneur? I don’t think so. What do you think? Is your gender a complicated variable to make you feel confident?

I will share about the other two topics (story and personality) in future posts on my blog “Zitrev The Alpha Blog” which is ready for you now, I am still working on the subdomain so you will see the Wix label still there, but not for long. My podcast, "Zitrev Your Pass for a Better You” will be ready soon, hope you enjoy spoken English with a Latin accent and Spanglish as well.

See you in the arena…

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