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Entrepreneurial Lifestyle: Persistence, Determination, IRON-Will

Then the Finish Line!

To have a firm determination or decision to do something even if there are difficulties or opposition. I call this “Iron Will”.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will” Mahatma Gandhi

Ok, but where to find or how to develop that indomitable iron will? Who can be that hero? Is that ability really needed to build a successful business?

Iron will belong to the one who is not easily discouraged, intimidated by the situation or results, or even influenced by others. How can an entrepreneur develop such a will? Is it about hard work? It is certainly a part of the equation but not a unique variable, and we could call this hard work “persistence”.

“No such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time, no such thing as downtime. All you got is lifetime. Go.” Henry Rollins

Every time I feel stuck and need to thrive, I start researching how others did it before me, sometimes it helps, some others don´t.  But allow me to tell you that I realized throughout my lifetime, that we used to look outside what we often have inside. Yes! Ok, I agree, it sounds like a mother giving a sermon to his son or a coach to his pupils, it’s kind of.



I am persistent thanks to my father. When I was graduating from high school, and I was planning to get into the Faculty of Engineering, I was teaching math, and learning English and French and I was trying to get a job, I was part of one Olympic gymnastics team too. Talking to my father about my duties at home and my plans, he was mad at me, he thought that duties at home were more important because he needed my help, as my mother was hurt (quadriplegic) in a car accident. And all my activities would take that designated time. Trying to discourage me, he said to me: you won´t be able to do all those things successfully, who serves more than one master will be devoted to one and heated the other. My father used to diminish my dreams due to our culture, women get married and that’s it. Why worry about trying so many hard things? To get his authorization to do anything I should try many strategies, many times, many until get it. This made me persistent. And this started to shape my will.  The trigger was his negative answer to anything I asked him. So, I react to the words “NO” or “You Can´t” These words trigger in my mind the “Why not”. Rebellious or persistent?

What triggers you? And triggers you to what?

As I mentioned in other of my blog posts, your personality is the main card here. We all can be predictable. You can learn more about your self-knowledge and self-understanding in our School of Your Pass for a Better You.

Allow me to share that in my point of view, you can develop persistence by compartmentalizing. Compartmentalizing can also help you succeed if you have many activities to accomplish. This is another insight that the Elite Warriors that I interviewed to write my book “A Journey with Elite Warriors” shared with me.  I asked this question to them: how can a fighter pilot be that focused on a mission? Compartmentalization was their answer.

Entrepreneurs are susceptible to stress frequently, and fighter pilots too. The difference between them is that fighter pilots are risking their lives directly, which can be extinguished in seconds. So, they are trained to focus on one thing at a time; the mission assigned.


Once they are focused on one thing at a time they acquire resoluteness, the firm purpose of succeeding in that mission, developing the ability to continue trying until get it, although it is very difficult and risky to death, they are trained to decide firmly in any action with conviction.

Having no doubts builds your determination. And sometimes you don’t even think about any possibility of failure.  Allow me to share an experience; getting a spot at a public university in my country is something complicated, the demand is a thousand times bigger than the offer, and even if you are very good at it, you have the risk of being not selected, right? Wrong! If you have a firm conviction or belief, you don’t even think about it. When I took the test, I didn’t have the information that could be the possibility of being unaccepted. Sometimes natural ignorance is the key to happiness.  


The Blind Side

And you ask yourself; why does everybody see what I cannot? It's easy to tell somebody what to do; just be determined and persistent they say. Yes! Great! but how can I do that? I am shy and insecure. I am strong but I don’t trust anybody, I am not that charismatic, I am stubborn, I am slow, I am not as good, I am not an expert, I am an amateur, I am not that handsome, etc. you choose the words.

In my book “A Journey with Elite Warriors” I wrote this quote on the main cover that always used to bring my tears to the scene:

 “You will be Happy, but First I will Make You Strong,” Says Life.

Yes, your childhood is definitely involved. Mental health or trauma are determinants of developing or not your strengths conveniently or inconveniently. Delves into the psychological impact of trauma and how it can shape someone’s identity and actions can be complicated. Can this be remanufactured? Yes! It can! But we need to wake up inner the giant first. Fortunately, or unfortunately, everything can be easier when you are younger, but it can be remanufactured despite your age, you can do it by and for yourself, but used to be easier when it goes further than yourself.

That “negation” about anything I asked from my father, went further than myself. In your case, what should go beyond Yourself?


How to develop indomitable iron will?

I am an admirer of Dan Lok (The king of high ticket). I will share part of his history that you can find on his site.

"He and his mom migrated to a bad neighborhood in Vancouver, and suddenly they saw themselves in economic trouble, when he saw hopelessness on his mom´s face, he vowed; to do whatever it took to protect her."  

Find what triggers you and do whatever it takes to (write your mission here). A mission that goes beyond yourself, here is where you will start to build your indomitable iron will!

What is your mission? What is your reason?

I will share more details about "The Fighter Pilots Training; Compartmentalization" on my podcast “Zitrev Your Pass for a Better You” which is coming soon. In the meantime, you can read more about Entrepreneurial Lifestyle insights on my blog “Zitrev The Alpha Blog”.

The School of Your Pass for a Better You is currently closed for enrollment, but you can enter your information HERE to get on the waitlist and be notified when doors open again.

See you in the arena…

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