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Entrepreneurial Lifestyle: Is dinner important for a successful entrepreneur? Why not vegan?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

If not! It should be!

I remember when I was attending the engineering faculty, too many things to accomplish at the same time, like learning as a student of foreign languages (English French, German) to teaching the math basics to younger people. Besides attending the lecture rooms at the faculty. And why not some sports to relax the body and mind? What about some chess shots? Why not! But I barely remember the mealtimes, what I remember is a friend sitting close to me eating a piece of sheet of paper. Yes! A piece of paper to avoid wasting time going home to eat dinner! I was ashamed but yes, I tried to do the same fortunately for me it didn’t work.

A bad habit I had of avoiding mealtimes when I was younger didn’t end well. One day at home I started studying at sunrise and I didn’t take time for any snacks.; it was the examination period, so I was captive in my room to accomplish that mission successfully. We used to have “The Haaser” as the main mathematical analysis user guide that looked like a brick- almost the same size-

I was so busy that I didn’t notice how advanced the day was. Then around the 1500 hours, my mom called me to have something to eat. Yummy! What a surprise! Mi Plato was full! Yes, the Haaser was on my plate! I didn’t have any meals that day!

As an Entrepreneur

I was starting to do the same, missing the mealtimes or eating anything I could find fast and easy. Fortunately, I am a fruit lover and that helped a lot!

When it comes to cooking

But when it comes to cooking a delicious and fast dinner you do have not to complicate yourself, allow me to be wrong but many people enjoy potatoes in almost any presentation, I do love potatoes, and yes, I have read about the big amounts of starch they say potatoes have. I even think the “fitness market” has disqualified the poor potatoes unfairly, leaving them far away from being a healthy food. Something similar happens with rice. Rice, which probably was first cultivated several thousand years ago in the borderlands of present-China-Thailand-Vietnam, came subsequently to be cultivated widely throughout Asia, from Japan southwestward across Korea, China, Southeast, and South Asia, on into Africa, and eventually to all other major areas of human occupancy. Then everybody knows how to cook or at least remember a family recipe made with rice.

If you make the right grocery list: Eat what you have at home

Allow me to share that in my country Mexico, we consume rice and potatoes as some of the main ingredients of many of our fabulous dishes. In fact, we don't need to worry about achieving the perfect balance with every meal, it is done by itself which is the magic of the mystical Mexican food. For example, red rice with vegetables is called “arroz a la Mexicana” because the rice is seasoned with a red tomato sauce and is cooked with green peas, carrots, and potatoes or maize grains is as easy as making pancakes and any busy entrepreneur can cook that rice. Something more complicated but not less delicious is the famous “paella” or if seafood is not your thing. the Chinese fried rice is an easy recipe as well.

To be ready to keep going with the rest of the day, how different a busy entrepreneur can feel after eating delicious well-cooked rice instead of a fast-food or cookies box?

You can find a free recipe of delicious Chinese Customized Fried Rice in this link:

If you have any doubts about cooking this dish, do not hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure to help. Buen Provecho!

See you in the arena…

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