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Entrepreneurial Lifestyle: How Far a Dream Can Take You? Aim, Visualize, Shoot!

This time I will share part of the first chapter of my book “A Journey with Elite Warriors” with you, which I sent to those warriors to review, I feel ashamed because now I read it after many years, I noticed more than 86 English syntax and grammar mistakes! and they didn’t say a word about it, they are gentlemen.  Well, the good news, if I notice it, then I am improving, don’t you think so?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt
Scarlett & Allison


“Success is not just a measure of how long a dream can take you; it is also a measure of how much you can do when you believe it” Scarlett Marcel 


One day when my daughter was close to turning fourteen years old, we were talking and planning about her future. She has been in love with ballet dance since she was three years old. In our country, that profession is not as much in demand as it is in Europe for example, in fact is not an option. So, talking about our economic possibilities and distance, we decided that the United States could be her best option, to get the right training and eventually, she could discover her real vocation. That was the plan, so searching for that possibility on our path to the adventure we met a commercial airline pilot.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt


He was born in México, and he moved to the United States illegally when he was fourteen years old (my daughter’s age at that moment), like many of us he was following a dream.

I asked him to tell his history to my daughter to encourage her to jump into her adventure. Probably you are thinking; yeah! is easier to tell someone to do something instead of doing it yourself. Well in this case wasn’t that easy, she is my unique daughter and I had to stay far away from her (in her teenage) in my country, to work, and to be able to support all her expenses in a foreign land, as moving myself to live with her in that country was something I could not afford. Besides I must mention something very important here, my daughter’s English level was at that moment almost a level zero, and moving to the United States has always been my dream!


Riding a donkey and dreaming that that donkey is an airplane, can make a guy into a pilot? Answer: Yes!


The Capitan agreed to share his history.

When I was a kid, I used to take care of my grandfather’s flock of sheep and one donkey that I used to call “avión”.

Lied on the grass, I used to watch all those airplanes crossing the sky and each day the dream to become a pilot was growing in my heart, and many times dreaming about it… I forgot the sheep.

I always remember that day, while I was riding my “avión” I said to myself; yes! I know what I want… I want to be a pilot! But I want to be the captain of that airplane I said to “avión” and I pointed at one airplane crossing the sky at that moment.

I had to pay for my pilot training in one of the best aero schools in the United States. Besides I attended college to get a business degree too and I had to work hard at the same time because I knew that as a foreigner, I must be more capable.

And the adventure starts there, with the language barrier. But I was young like you are now –he told my daughter- then I thought that that barrier could be broken fast and easily.

Softly the captain cleared his throat and then he said.


I must say that; it wasn’t that easy


Oops! With this last sentence, the captain caught all my attention, I turned my head immediately to watch my daughter's reaction.

Then I saw her, she was like in a cloud, she didn’t have any idea of what was happening there. The only thing crossing her mind was her dream (she told me later). But suddenly the captain’s face turned a little melancholic.


I can’t lie to you. When I got there, I couldn’t say a word in English. Something I never thought about before I jumped into my journey towards my dream.

What you see now is a happy man, you see an airplane captain, and you see an accomplished man. But at that point in my life when I couldn’t speak the language even to ask for food -he kept silent for a moment- I cried! Yes! This man that you can see now in front of you, cried like a baby! many times. But the passion I felt for my dream was greater than any pain.

In any hard time to be able to stay focused, I used to question myself, one time and another: What do you want? Then I answered to myself “I want to be a pilot, that’s what I want”. I closed my eyes and I imagined myself in my cockpit with my wonderful crew. That was the bread that fed my spirit. So probably you are going to have hard times there, but you are not solo, you have your mom. She will support you. She is your wingman.


Wow! I said to myself. I hope that this successful history has been helpful for my daughter. And it was!

Tough times across the street; toward my daughter’s dream, the first obstacle we had to face was at the American Embassy.

Allison’s English level was very basic, something that was totally of my knowledge I just didn’t see the language as an obstacle, we did it, and then; her student visa in five minutes was denied at her first interview!

Everybody knows that if your visa is denied by The American Embassy, there is nothing else to do, but they didn’t know that “persistence” is my middle name, so we tried a second time with the same result and, the next week again with the same result and, in that same week again, but this time something different happened, the consul that took our interview reviewed my daughter's paperwork, then he saw the computer, and then he looked at Allison’s paperwork again, then he looked at us again, and finally he said; “Please, wait at that section for instructions”.

Is this an Iron Will? Why am I that Persistent? Which is different from stubbornness? Well, I can just tell you something that I found recently about my mind behavior, when I want to achieve something there is no possibility that my mind focuses on the opposite, not even for a little while. Even though I am a multitasking woman my mind is kind of single-minded, then I focus on one task at a time until the task is completed, which does not bother me.

So, we waited, and after more than half an hour they called us in another window, where a very handsome American gentleman with a higher rank (the main consul of The American Embassy) speaking in perfect Spanish spoke to Allison.


“No one has ever tried that bold, never! And I am wondering why! So, please, let me know.”


My friends, you must notice this!

Allison showed the consul the official letters and explained herself at the American Embassy in Spanish! My daughter's interview at the American Embassy was in Spanish! Saying that she was accepted at the Joffrey Academy of Dance and the Marist High School in Chicago city. Both accepted her with her zero English level! I must say that this wouldn’t be possible without the help of Br. Patrick McNamara and this is another history you have to know, which I share in my book “A Journey with Elite Warriors.”

Friends! who can get a student visa from the American Embassy without speaking English? I am not bragging but sharing how far a dream can take you! You just have to aim, visualize, and shoot!


If your daughter has that talent and my people have noticed it, won’t be us who stop her –he told me-

Then he turned to my daughter and said to her;

Allison, you got your student visa. Good luck!


That is the mindset of success! When you own a success mindset you become into bridge, not a gap for others. In The School of Your Pass for a Better You, we teach a class about Self-knowledge and Self-understanding where you can learn about yourself, your strengths, and weaknesses, knowing and understanding yourself eventually gives you power and makes you a bridge.

I knew then why that consul had the highest position at The American Embassy. Br. Patrick McNamara and that consult of the American Embassy own a success mindset.

I was trying to thank him and unexpectedly the tough Mom burst into tears. I realized at that moment that my baby was going to be far away from me! my mind was busy before trying to get the visa to notice it.

Sometimes life takes you for different reasons by different paths, what is under your control is to learn How to Play the Game of Life.


Which is that dream that keeps you alive? What are you willing to do to dust it off and achieve it? What could be more painful, giving up on your dream or to die trying?


Each time my blog post gets longer, I apologize, I will try next time to make it shorter. In the meantime, if you are interested in reading more about entrepreneurial insights you can visit my blog, “The Alpha Blog”, and my Podcast “Zitrev Your Pass for a Better You” which will be launched in the next few days.

The School of Your Pass for a Better You is currently closed for enrollment, but you can enter your information HERE to get on the waitlist and be notified when doors open again.

Strength and Honor.

See you in the arena...


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